Saving Plans

In addition to Waves staking, this update on the Muna app adds Saving plans, improved UI/UX many more.

Saving Plans
Here comes savings plans for USDN and Waves on the Muna app. Unlike the flexible savings feature, a savings plan allows anyone to create savings that are locked within a chosen period of 30 days, 90 days, 180 days or 365 days.

Saving rules
Unlike flexible savings where users can withdraw funds anytime, Saving plans allows users to specify how long they want to save before withdrawing. Withdrawing from a savings plan before users’ specified date incurs a 3% charge on the withdrawal amount.

Saving plans comes with a custom name and lock period.

Get started on Savings Plan
– Click on Savings at bottom of the Muna app
– Click the “Create savings plan” button

2. Create Savings Plan
– Enter a name for your plan
– Choose lock period
– Click on complete and your saving plan is ready

3. Top-up Savings Plans
– Choose any of your created savings plan

Click on “Top-up”

Enter the amount (Ensure you have this on your wallet balance)

4. Withdraw from Savings Plans
– Click on “Withdraw” button

Choose the Savings plan you want to withdraw from

Enter the amount you want to withdraw and proceed

It’s time you try out the new features — while we get back to building more crypto savings feature you asked for, and a few surprises we have in mind. Stay tuned.

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