Muna Public Alpha Launch

We are pleased to announce that today we are launching the first public version of Muna with support for Waves and USDN. Big thanks to communities for joining the closed testing phase.

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On this version of Muna, you can already get on with the following functionalities:

  1. Send and receives Waves or USDN
    Users can send out Waves and USDN to any wallet that supports Waves at a flat fee of 0.001 WAVES (NGN 1.33), also receive Waves and USDN from any wallet (No fee to receive)
Muna wallet

2. Swap Waves for USDN
Swapping lets users without a USDN balance on their Muna wallet to convert their Waves to USDN with few clicks. It cost only 0.005 WAVES (NGN 6.62) to cover network fees on the blockchain.

swap screen

3. Staking
Muna offers a simple and clean dashboard that lets users manage their staking. Within the dashboard, users can stake, track earning, and interest rates. To stake, users pay a network fee of 0.009 WAVES (NGN 11.92) to cover network fees on the blockchain. Interest is paid out to users every 24 hours directly to their Muna wallet.

staking dashboard

4. Transaction history
Users can now keep track of all transactions that occur on their account. Currently, these are examples of transactions on Muna: Transfer transaction (Send or receive), Swap transaction, and Staking transaction.

Learn more about fees on Muna

Click here to download Muna Android app

For all questions, bug reports, or suggestions, please reach out to us in our Telegram community group. Stay tuned for upcoming releases!


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