Hello Africa👋 — Meet Muna

We are so excited to introduce Muna to you!

Muna is a simple and secure app that helps you to invest, save and make global payments with cryptocurrency.

What you can do on Muna right now

Send and receive crypto instantly

Send and receive crypto payment. It is easy and fast to send and receive crypto like Waves or USDN. Safe and easy to use.

Stake USDN and earn a daily reward

With the USDN staking on Muna, you can lock your USDN and earn daily interest. Withdraw whenever you want to, Top up as much and little as you want to. It is your money, use it as you wish.

Withdraw and deposit crypto

You can store or move your Waves and USDN to other wallets and exchanges like waves.exchange. You can also deposit Waves or USDN into your Muna wallet free of charge.

How to start using Muna?

Download Muna for Android here, open the app on your device, sign up and start using. It takes less than 3 mins.

What next?

Our team is working on some amazing features we can’t wait to share with you. We will share our progress and developments roadmap on this blog.

Kindly follow us on Twitter & join our Telegram community for daily updates.

Please note: Muna currently supports Waves and USDN.

We are always here to help you. If you face any issue with using Muna, please reach out to us on TwitterTelegram or email [email protected]


Muna support team. Available to help. join our community via https://t.me/munacommunity for 24/7 support