How To Calculate Muna Staking Rewards

Hello Munians!

We’ve prepared this guide to help you understand how to calculate your staking rewards – APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

USDN staked – 50 USDN
Example APY – 15% (15 ÷ 100)
Annual Yield – 7.5 USDN
Daily Yield – 0.020547 USDN

Simply multiply “50 by 15%” to get your total annual staking reward, then divide your annual staking reward by the days in the year, ‘7.5 ÷ 365’ for your daily rewards.

With a 15% APY, staking 50 USDN will earn you 7.5 USDN annually and 0.020547 USDN daily.

I hope this helps you understand better!

Happy Staking 😊

Calculate USDN staking rewards

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